Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't quit your day job!

No Certain Rest by Jim Lehrer
Rating: 2.5 stars (out of 5)
Genre: fiction/historical fiction
Challenge: TBR and A-Z (title)
Summary/Review: Now I know why Jim Lehrer hasn't quit his day job! Alas, I just wasn't impressed with this book, although I really wanted to be. The premise is that the skeleton of a Civil War soldier is found buried on previously unexplored land bordering the battlefield at Antietam. The National Park Service is called in, and the hunt begins to find the identity of the remains, and why they were buried in such a peculiar way (facedown) and so far from the rest of the carnage. Our sleuth is an archaeologist from NPS who becomes determined to find out the truth of what happens. A perfectly good premise, yes. Unfortunately, explanation of what happened at Antietam, or why a character cares so much about it was strained, maudlin, and heavy-handed. The inclusion of a "love interest" for the main character is completely forced, not to mention unnecessary, as are the various mentions of a debate over reenactment. Overall, a disappointing book, although true Civil War buffs will probably enjoy it.

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